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Professor Where sheds some Light

Professor where


I wrote another quick story, actually a dialogue between Viveca and Professor Where to shed some more light on the campaign background. I believe Viveca said she called the Professor and we sort of glossed over it at the time, but it turned out there was an interesting conversation to be had, so here it is. I hope you guys don’t mind my borrowing your carefully crafted personas for some supporting fiction. I won’t do it often, only if I feel we missed soemthing that could help push the game along and get you guys more involved!

In fact, I’m doing it in part because I’d love for you guys to do the same. Writing up session logs from your character perspective would be cool (I just try to add the flavor of what I’m feeling about your PC, but only you can do it right!)

The Divergence

You can also read the Summary / Aspects about this arcane mystery in the Wiki under Denton



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