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Oscar Meyer-geddon

Game Recap 1-7-2012


Session Five

Oh, Quetzalcoatl, great winged serpent of the sun, boundary of the earth and sky, god of the four winds, lord of our very breath, and creator of man. I, Tlatoani beseech your forgiveness for my failures. For years I labored to free you from your earthly prison. To reach into the earth and pull your winged majesty free so you could soar again among the skies and bring death to the those that bleed your life through earthen shafts.

I have made sacrifces unto you like no other time. I pulled forth the heart of many honored men and women who screamed in terror at the mere hint of your presence. I have spilled the blood to free you even as the ignorant sacrifices lamented their role. All the while knowing that if they but could see your glory they would, like my ancestors, gladly have torn their own beating heart from their chest and laid it upon your fires.

For months I labored on the great edifice which in the material world is called “Apogee Stadum”, the blood and heart of your sacrifices made one with the structure. Built directly above your slumbering form between the sundered leylines. The final key, the ceremony of power, was to be a game in your honor where the strongest of compeitiors would have his heart removed and given up for a final sacrifice.

But alas, I have failed. I have been undone by an unholy golem of fetid flesh and a circus of lesser beings.

Over the course of a week my plans were laid bare. The lesser infidels assaulted your jaguar children at the sacrifical chamber, they trespassed on your temple both in the material and the Never Never. There they learned my secrets which I sought so long to hide. And in what was to be your final hour of triumph, I was undone.

They were at the ceremony, suddenly there without warning, I could feel their presence. I knew at once they had come from the Ways, from the temple beyond but with the ceremony still intact, I knew that my gaurdian, the great serpent Hapai Can must have fended them off. Yet they persisted.

Screams erupted from the stands as the tiny putrid flesh bags which the gathered fans consume came to life. A simpleton’s necromancy somehow amplified by spirit, by the very circle I created to call You forth. These heated dogs wriggled free of their buns, twitched in their mouths, and burst forth from their relish. The power and well crafted science was drained from the entire stadium – no lights just screams of panic as stadium food went on the march.

But there was hope. One of the interlopers sought to provide light for the fleeing crowds and he too tried to tap into the power of your temple. His magic was weaker and a magic of the spirit – the very thing I had restrained for your ceremony. His light was powerful indeed but as he touched the power of your temple to fuel it, the temple wrested control of his soul.

Yes, hope. I still had my strongest champion even if he did not bear the title of MVP.

I and your Jaguar Warriors rushed forward. The were-jaguars set themselves upon the bear, perhaps my biggest obstacle to the prize. Flames burst out from the one I came to know as Lucian as he bruned my pedestal. But I would not be deterred as I rushed to meet my new sacrifice, the one they called Mustang.

But it was not to be. Lucian threw himself atop me and as we struggled I left the Architect and took Lucian’s vessel as my own. Then the fetid smell of tube formed meat was upon me. They leapt like misshappen toads across the field, flinging themselves down from the stands with great vigor. They gathered into an unholy mass – a great column of meat by-products rising like a tidal wave which came crashing down upon me. The pedestal shattered and I was pinned beneath it’s putrid mass.

I took on the form of wind and left Lucian to pursue the bear, perhaps strongest and capable of defeating the unholy wave of meat. But a clear voice called out and he ran toward it – Anita, the child of Fey who was futilely defacing the inscriptions had seen me coming for the bear.

I leapt from form to form, all the while trying to meet my new sacrifice, but the knife. The knife was just beyond reach, fallen with the architect. I had a chance as I lunged at Lucian to take his form again while he stood protectively by the sacrifice. I knew Lucian had magic, and with his form I could summon the blade and finish the job in one fell swoop. But alas, a circle was formed and Mustang fought hard with a heroic gesture which flung Lucian outside while I remained trapped within.

I was trapped, but only momentarily as the Jaguar warriors, no longer concerned with the great bear, rushed forward to break the circle. I was free and I left my sacrifice to go gliding back to the architect, no longer buried beneath the avalanche of tubed meat. In the corner of my eye I saw the mass of hot dogs begin to tremble and slowly rise up into a mockery of man, but the stunt was to great and they fell inert to the gorund.

Soon I would have the knife and would free you, oh great Quetzalcoatl. But it was not to be.

The half fey and the simpleton master of hot dogs and condiments now stood beside my victim, his guns in their hands. Lucian had stolen the knife from the architect and I ordered a Jaguar Warrior to pursue him. Shots rang out, and the form I inhabited, that of the architect, collapsed, unable to move his leg. I raced to control the closest form – the bear. If the ceremony would not commence I would at least shed the blood of these fools in your honor.

The bear, battered and bloodied fought my control with his animal ferocity just as he fought the Jaguar Warrior tearing at his ankles. One moore moment though and he would be mine and this debacle would end. The sacrifice would commence!

Then I heard it. It rang out even above the gunfire, a clarion crackle that singled my undoing. The knife, shattered as it was tossed against the wall. Without it, the ceremony was forfeit. I could feel my power drain, my will. I had failed you oh great Quetzocoatl. Failed.

I was powerless, the shock of so much energy made dormant, so much of my power tied into this one moment and drained away. My form was broken and I was once again scattered to the winds. I could only watch from afar as the group of interlopers departed the earthly temple and as my ethereal form rose up into the night sky I lamented you my god, just as I had the day you fell to earth at this very spot.

I am back to my own stony prison – but I will not be here long. I swear to you oh great feathered serpent, glorious wind of the gods, unbridled heat of the raging sun, I will free you, someday.


Wow, now that is some creativity!

Oscar Meyer-geddon

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