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Welcome to the Crossroads of Worlds!

Dallas Fort Worth – It’s an international and planar hub where business and commerce are just as likely to be pursued in blood and souls as cold hard cash. The Stakes are High in this traditional stronghold of the Summer Court. You Never Know who is Hooked whether it be to mundane street drugs or the rush of tearing a mortal’s soul free from it’s flesh and twisting it for other intentions. Unpredictable Conflicts abound as clued-in mortals wield their ill-gotten material power over unsuspecting victims destined to be just another “trade” along the highways of the Nevernever.

Strap in, bring your best poker face, and know when to fold ’em or run the hell away.

_ OOC Notes _

This is a section front and center where I can drop some GM / Player specific info regarding the most recent session.

September 15th
Significant Milestone this time. The party discovered they seriously jumped off the deep end (well, its par for the course.) Lucian, Anita, Mike and Viveca tracked down some ancient mysteries, tangled with flesh eating ghouls and found out lots and lots and lots of Vampires might, for some reason, be looking for them…

September 8th
Minor Milestone – great sesion, but I’m falling behind on the notes (even though the campaign is really ramping up!) Mustang, Lucian, Anita, Mike all present and accounted for. Simon tended to Tyler’s wounds on the crazy ride across Mexico.

August 25th

Awesome game Saturday! Lucian updates us on the latest. Best thing was being joined by nearly all of our active players – Simon, Tyler, Lucian, Mustang, Anita all made appearances. Minor Milestone for all, though I sense a Significant looming in the future.

The party dove deep into the seedy underbelly of Dresden, Dallas and took on their first true Red Court Vamp in a bloody and slightly unexpected (from my seat anyway) battle. Not sure why I didn’t expect it honestly. Pretty true to form for running blindly down the rabbit hole. Next time they figure out where they ended up.

August 4th

Significant Milestone Another good session where the party made contacts with the Brotherhood of Saint Giles, a new junky friend, and a possible “way in” for the Red Court. Explored the Nevernever around their floor of the W (and started a magic 8 Ball of Astral Divination). They also got the chance to freak out a Warden and talk about exciting things like the weather…and local politics…

Any takers on the recap?

Starring – Mustang, Anita, Mike

July 28th

Minor Milestone – Great session and intro of our newest PC a Bio-caster white court virgin army medic. Confused? You shouldn’t be; worked out great! The party met a guy we’ll call “Twitchy”, escaped a VA hospital with only a few felonies along the way.

Starring – Mustang, Viveca, Anita, Mike

July 14th, 2012

Major Milestone – Where the party kicks the living crap out of some Chinese Vampires and liberates a magic statue.

July 1st, 2012

Well, we did it again. We actually met for a game last weekend! Great session, thin on players but still awesome. We had Bastion, Anita and Mustang show up for this little side mission.

I’m handing out a Significant Milestone for this one. One – the players are a little behind on skill points for their current Refresh level and Two – they haven’t gotten a good upgrade in ages!

Good fun in the Wild West with poker, bar fights, ghosts, oh and angry demons. They got there too late for the talking cow, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all. It was a bit of a railroad start with pushing Mustangs buttons to “Look for Roots” and take on Bullies and all that stuff. We’ve got several major players for the campaign established here so it will be easier to move toward a more free-form sand box type game.

Also, the group got started on an official “HQ” – Anita used her Windfall stunt to roll for some serious electronic equipment and technical research facilities for her room (floor?) in the W!

We might see a Major once Albert completes his arc, so everyone should get caught up.

June 23, 2012
LONG Hiatus – again. We’ve had a few game shere and there (see out session logs for details.) However, what we really have needed is some consistency. So, we have a schedule, have had an eye out for fresh meat (errr…new players) and the GM (me) has made a commitment to be here rain or shine! Let’s see how this works. Hopefully we get back to some regular updates!

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