The Divergence


“Yes it’s me Professor, we’ve got a bit more information on your case.”

“Oh, what’s going on?”

“We’re up in Denton at the stadium. Apparently…well…part of the trail leads here.”


“Yes, we speculate he was…dismembered.”

“That could explain it, yes, but it’d have to be his brain, perhaps his heart else the trail would not diverge. Spirit, intellect…”

“Yeah, that’s an explanation but it may not help us provide answers to his family.”

“I’m sorry, of course, I…he was a good man. I just can’t think of that right now. I’m just barely keeping the contents of my stomach sealed up for God’s sake.”

“I understand. Look, we’re at the stadium. Whatever the hell is going on it’s bad. We’re talking Aztec temples and rituals to wake sleeping gods bad. I’ve got a guy drooling on himself for opening his Eye in the parking lot.”

“Wait, you’re where?”

“Denton…at UNT by the new stadium.”

“Oh my. This man with the sight, where precisely did he look?”

“At the stadium…the new one Professor. It was hard to tell what he saw, Aztec Ziggurat, hands of death, some sort of pentagram laid out with the stadium lights.”

“Did he turn, did he look behind him?”

“I, well..”

“I must know Viveca did he at all look back, back toward the dÄ«vergere?”

“Excuse me? I, I don’t think so. It was the stadium, he was fixed on the stadium.”

“Let’s hope so.”

“Why? Divergence? What do you mean?”

“It’s the leyline, it’s massive. It runs the length of North America. Sometime in the distant past the line was split, well before anyone from the council or any sort of institutionalized magic was going on. No one knows why or how but there’s plenty of speculation. Native Americans tell of a Pheonix falling to earth there. Whatever it was it was a massive arcane force.”

“And it happens to be a highway now?”

“Well, you can draw a circle of power with a bit of salt right?”

“Sure, but…”

“But why not use concrete? It’s a sure means of permanency, in relative mortal terms.”

“I see, just like thresholds we’ve been building or manifesting these boundaries for centuries.”

“Precisely! Thresholds, river crossings, entrances into crypts and the like. They’re boundaries of the Never Never and raw magic. The structures you see in the real world just help define them and manifest their power. As far as the Interstate, the Divergence phenomenon was documented prior to the civil war. Somewhere along the line someone, actually many people sought to find a way to take advantage of this unique metagraphic feature. It’s a fascinating history that’s just as intriguing and colorful as the history of the area…”

“I’m sure it is Professor, fascinating. I’ve got to go, I need to give a Warden a phone call.”

“Viv…a warden but…”


The Divergence

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