November 4th, 2011

Out of Character Notes

- We spent the first part of last session going over PCs and “tweaking” them a bit. All players are welcome to make some adjustments after play in the first few games while we get used to the new system.

The Party still has the We’re In the Money aspect they can tag for a resource roll.

About equipment. It’s not a huge part of the game, but unless you have points in Resources skill, consider yourself “lower middle class”. You probably have a car – used or inexpensive new one, apartment or maybe small house, etc. If you have Guns, you own a not so fancy firearm or other appropriate weapon. Body armor – with the right contacts and/or Fair or better resources.

Also – there is a new character in the game world: Marion. I’ll be recapping from her point of view. She was not quite done with her aspects, but we completed a phase of character development with this combat. She just “Guest Starred” with the group and I’m adding a new aspect “Firebug” (if she agrees)…

And a rule clarification – First time you place an aspect on someone (whether a maneuver or a consequence) you or another player can tag that aspect once FOR FREE – no Fate point cost.

Everyone at the last session gets a Minor Milestone and can do the following:

Switch rank values of any two skills
Change any single stunt for another stunt
Purchase stunts or powers, provided you have the refresh
Rename one aspect

Players who don’t have a full session under their belt still have the opportunity to tweak characters a bit more extensively.

Finally – a FREE Fate Point for anyone that updates their character online. I’ve added the basics that I remember, but if you flesh it out, you’ll get paid in chintzy plastic coins which could save your character’s ass some day.

November 4th, 2011

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