The Nexus lies a short dimensional hop from DFW Airport. Here, someone of either great genius and power, or great stupidity and avarice, has managed to erect a network of rifts to the Nevernever that maintain some form of predictability and stability. As long as you can pay the Toll, you’re guaranteed a ride to wherever it is you may need to be.

There is a conflux of magical energies at the heart of DFW that defies boundaries. The very reality around the airport is fluid and it is speculated that this is what the Nexus takes advantage of. It is said skilled Wizards can use this to their advantage and open rifts with great ease in the vicinity of this effect.

However, it is rare that one tries. Summer maintains an iron grip on the area and it’s magics. While they can’t control the Nexus, they do manage to police the fringes of the airport where others may seek to take advantage of the not so natural magical geography. Strategic control of this hub is key to Summer’s power here.

The Gatekeeper naturally keeps a close eye on DFW. With the boundaries so weak it is high on the list of “Places Where the Apocalypse may Occur” – that one final portal to the Other could open and let in all manner of Outsiders. In fact, rumor has it that the Nexus is simply an Outer Gate under an immense amount of warding magics. Rumor also has it that the Gatekeeper employs a specialized task force in DFW whose sole goal is chasing down the really nasty nastys that sneak in from the Outside. Things that make He Who Walks Behind look like a teddy bear.


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