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DFW Dresden Style!

In Dallas, the Summer Court rules, literally. Lately they’ve been flexing their muscle just to prove that point and Winter is more than a bit cranky. Green manicured lawns 12 months out of the year, swimsuits in October, and thin layers of winter frost the locals call “snow” that melt away in an hour just ain’t right.

It’s been that way for years but lately, someone in the Winter Court is of the mind it’s about time for a change.

In mortal terms and not so mortal terms, this place is a hub of activity. DFW International brings in thousands of people a day, and the twisting connections of the Nevernever do the same. Of course we use the term “people” quite loosely here.

The entire city is a focal point of power. It covers a massive area which has merged over the years connecting some pretty far-flung places of mortal habitation and Otherworldly power. Power flows beneath the surface like a raging river, all the while the mortals in their glass cathedrals go about their business blind to the constant clashes and turmoil.

Major Themes

The Nexus
Unpredictable Conflicts abound around DFW due to it’s incredibly unique supernatural or metaphysical geography. It is literallty the crossroad of worlds and draws all manner of visitors from mundane locations and beyond.

Diplomacy at the Business end of a Flame Thrower
Stakes are High in DFW for a number of reasons. Given all the supernatural traffic, Summer has for many years allowed a diplomatic embassy of sorts to be established here in the DFW Metroplex. It is Neutral ground – as much as it can said to be while firmly in Summer’s grasp. Here, at the World Trade Center, debate and conflict resolution over the Unseelie Accords is often adjudicated.

Faith and Sin – Blurring the Veil
You Never Know Who is Hooked in DFW. And being Hooked can mean many things. Most often though, the supernatural world has its hands in just about any vice DFW has to offer. In fact, many virtues have even been co-opted and led astray and the vast majority of he mortal population simply followings along like sheep. Which is great for the Nevernever because blind, willing souls are in great demand.

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