Las Colinas

La Cima Club

Description: If you haven’t noticed, trade of all sorts permeates the area in this Stakes are High location. The more civilized businesses transactions take place in Las Colinas. Now, don’t read too much into “civilized”. In this instance, it means “less messy”. Information is brokered here by a number of entities, and they range the gamut from souless demons to power wielding Faye.

La Cima is about as ostentatious as you can get – in the supernatural sense. Literally translated it is the highest point, or the pinnacle fo perfection and this exclusive club is just that. Most of the so called civilized major players in the area belong to this exlcusive club. They leave the golfing to the mortals however, and play their soceity games in a secure Demense located on the very top floor, accessible only with special arrangements.

Not much is known of the mortal sorcerer that is rumored to own this club/retreat. The Council has deemed him a threat, but a mostly untouchable one due to his connections. He also has an uncanny ability to stay several steps ahead of them, but that is no surprise given his clientele – he is incredibly well informed.

The Idea – Supernatural Business Nexus
The Aspect – Everything has a Price
The Face – “Cima” Human Sorcerer

Las Colinas

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