January 7th, 2012

Ummm….well. The bad guys were undone with the help of a most unique method. I honestly can say I never figured I would utter the words “Hot Dog Golem” in my gaming career, but there, it’s done. Once the idea was floated everyone was willing to toss in fate points to see it happen – the hilarity was well-worth some rule bending. “Pushed too Far”, “Road Not Traveled” and “Can’t Tie me Down” all came into play along with the abundant necrotic energy at the stadium itself.

Darryl had been beaten down all session by yours truly for his brush with insanity (a severe consequence from last game) when he looked at the temple with the Sight. With his still quesitonable sanity, slathering himself in condiments and creating a magic circle out of hot dogs seemed somehow inevitable.

I did the Session 5 recap from the perspective of an utterly surprised and utterly dismayed Tlatoani (the main bad guy). I’ll encourage you guys to draft a player perspective recap as well (more FATE points, natch.) I’ve left out a fair amount of detail – the party’s attempts to calm Darryl, a parking lot escape, arcane research, a trip to the Never Never and the bludgeoning of yet another cop (probably full on half of the group has problems with authority figures so I am not surprised…)

Bastion, Lucian, Anita, Darryl and Mustang will all receive the Dresden Files RPG closest equivalent to a “level”. This means the following:

Major Milestone
*You can clear out an Extreme Consequence slot
*You get an additional point of Refresh
*You can purchase new stunts or powers
*You get all the benefits of a Significant Milestone (see below)

Viveca will receive a Significant Milestone (see below)

This is a big deal and you can also rearrange some powers if you need, as long as it makes sense. (i.e. you can’t drop Channeling for Supernatural Toughness but you can drop Channeling for Evocation if you are moving toward becoming a full-fledged Wizard.)

Your characters will essentially have some downtime and we can talk about what goes in the next session so there is plenty of time to account for trainign of new skills, resting up and clearing some consequences and the like.

January 7th, 2012

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