January 14th, 2012

Fun session with the addition of a few new PCs! Simon Harvard and Tyler join us helping to put an end to Tlatoani and putting the group on track for their next adventure. Got to try to eat the party with Bastion – sweet! Luckily he was beat down a bit by a fight with 2 were jaguars earlier and I also forgot about his natural armor and a little bonus to his Fighting or else it might have gone really bad.

You can earn extra fate points by RPing your aspects if they are making your life a little difficult. Sometimes I notice in game, sometimes I don’t. Feel free to point it out if you think you have earned one!

Good examples – Simon did not interact much with the group when they met because he was far too busy studying the plants (that could earn a FP.) So +1 FP. Anita just flat out accepted a deal with a fey, no questions asked after agreeing to have Bastion magically healed avoiding paperwork, questions and overnight stays at the local ER. (Tendency to Gamble and perhaps Need for Speed). Also +1 FP

Bastion, Mustang, Anita, Lucian all receive a Minor Milestone. Tyler and Simon receive the same, but for first session PCs I always allow some extensive overhauls if you play something new and it doesn’t work out as you expected.

Minor Milestones allow:

  • Switch the rank values of any two skills or replace one Average skill with one that isnt on your sheet.
  • Change any single stunt for another stunt.
  • Purchase stunts or powers provided you have the refresh.
  • Rename one Aspect

We’ve been using Viveca quite a bit and I don’t have her sheet online yet so I’m just going to make some guesses and fil it in. Also, I’ll update Bastion (Lawson when you get back, you can rearrange.) Might get the session log up tomorrow.

January 14th, 2012

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