Fort Worth


Description: Beyond the sight of mere mortals, the old Stockyards of Fort Worth hosts an impressive array of inhabitants. Unknown to the participants, the twice daily routine of moving cattle through the yards has taken on the aspect of a ritual, bending the boundaries between Here and There. Along with the host of spirit activity called from beyond the grave by the rhytmic ringing of the bell and the drum-like beat of cloven hoofs, a powerful Faerie presence has also settled in.

Ranchers, settlers, cowboys, and other ghosts of famous locals roam these areas at 11:30 am, 4:00pm and of course at night when the veil between the worlds has been made weak. The Glasgavlen roams the pathways of the Nevernever here, always on the hunt for a new herd. The prize cattle that are paraded around in the streets generally seek to enrage him and every now and then his wild spirit will break free creating a spiritual rodeo of sorts with the spectral lost souls. To date, no one has been injured, and the destruction is usually pinned on weekend revelers from nearby bars.

At times of convergence between the spirit world and the mortal world, many of the ghosts of the stockyards will become incredibly active. Manifestations, telekinetic displays and the like. These days, it’s best to stay clear. Formerly known as “Hells Half Acre”, it was here the raucous cattle driving crowd would stop to rest while travelling the unforgiving Chisholm Trail.

In the early days, the area was developed by northern capitalist Greenlief Simpson. He was a gambler, drinker, with a foot in high society and saw a lot of promise in the rough and tumble area. True to form, The Stakes are High and the placement of the meat processing plants here was decided on the flip of a coin, most likely over a couple of beers in a rowdy tavern.

The Idea – Stuck in the Past
The Aspect – Draw Partner – Cards, Guns, Your Choice
The Face – Glasgavlen, Fae Bull and the ghost of Greenlief Simpson



The Idea
The Aspect
The Face -

Fort Worth

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