If there ever was a place where you could find a good number mortals that knew at least something about how things REALLY are, DFW is oddly, that place. It’s not that the mortals here are more intuitive, nor better informed, nor even more intelligent. It’s just that they are so very diverse and subscribe to a dizzying array of almost accidental links to the unseen world.

Faith is a huge force in the Metroplex. But not quite the faith we’d all recognize. Churches fill the city streets with as much frequency as convenience stores and in some cases, fill similar roles. A sort of spiritual quick-stop where you can step in, get a Big Gulp of the communion grape juice and then step back out to join the vanity, decadence and superficial politeness of the city streets. The casual application of faith has led to a number of interesting and dangerous connections to Nevernever Powers.

The Blackened Denarians maintain a solid presence under the guise of a tele-evangelistic church based in Irving. Their mortal followers are clued-in to the supernatural, but are utterly misled and are convinced the power they witness is the righteous power of the Lord. It is said the head preacher, Russell Shepherd is a nicklehead himself, using the broad appeal of his feel good messages to draw in millions of dollars for the Order, and the occassional Mortal Pawn. From his Irving offices, he can also keep a watchful eye on the Nexus, a tool which Nicodemus Archelone himself is keen to use in some sort of Doomsday scheme.

This isn’t to say faith is all corrupt throughout DFW. Plenty of examples of shining beacons of hope dot the landscape as well. Rumor has it that the Fellowship of Saint Giles maintains a chapter somewhere in the Mid-Cities region. They keep a vigilant watch over the Red Court menace (see below) and links to the international and inter-planar travel of the Court.

Mortals who are completely sincere in their faith exist all throughout the near countless churches, synagoges and mosques in the area. The diversity is not unique to DFW, but perhaps their sheer strength of conviction is. It is this strength that has enabled many men and women of faith to peer at least a little bit into the true nature of the reality surrounding them and try to make a positive impact.


If anything else aside from magic were said to flow through the arteries of DFW, it would have to be those foreign substances which are either sniffed, injected, inhaled, huffed or otherwise sucked in for the sole purpose of chasing an altered state. Drugs flow along the major interstates like water through a river. Methamphetamines cooked up with household chemicals and sometimes made using controlled substances shipped in from pharmaceutical plants south of the border, are the drug of choice. And resting on those arteries are the pointed teeth of the Red Court.

Crime Lord Enrique Jesus Martinez sits atop the throne of La Familia Sangre, a mexican drug cartel that professes deep religious beliefs. His group claims to be Christian to the core despite serious drug trafficking and violence of such extremes that the inhabitants of the Nevernever either shudder or look on in admiration. The Familia’s members are ordered under penalty of death to not become users themselves. Many were once addicts which the Familia sobered up to do the “work of God”.

Murder and torture are standard fair and often rationalized as “divine justice”. Their brutality has even impressed the Red Court vampires who have gladly given aid to the cause. Enrique sees these supernatural beings as yet another means of enacting divine justice, calling his Red Court advisors and cronies “Angels of Blood”. He has compared their lust for blood to holy sacrement in his writings and believes them to be Angels of retribution.


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