Dallas Museum of Art

Description: The Dallas Museum of Art was formed over the years by influential patrons of the arts and through a number of community initiatives. It was, at the outset, a purely mortal institution. Private collections and purchased works formed the basis of what was originally a simple art gallery. However, art, like mortal faith and emotion, has its own power. Artists could very well be said to perfomring their own rituals of blood and sacrifice as they labor over their masterpieces so there is great power to be found in these. Power which could conceivably attract supernatural attention.

Stewart, the museum’s current curator is rumore to be one of these curiousity seekers. It is said he is a Freeholding Lord and it is even said he is a Dragon of ancient power. None of this of course has been confirmed. But Stewart’s knowledge of ancient lore and mysticism is astounding. The museum’s collection has slowly begun to amass many of the more, shall we say potent, works of art which have been produced. Especially works which have the very elements of otherworldly beauty, vision and the sweat of sacrifice in their creation.

Using the Sight within in the museum is strictly prohibited and magical talents who enter may even get special treatment by security. It is said this is for the visitor’s own good.

The Idea – Imagination Unbound
The Aspect – Please, no Third Eye Photogprahy
The Face – “Stewart” Museum Curator

Deep Ellum – Red Blood Club

Description: (Editor’s Note – I’m well aware it is closed, just borrowing a theme :) The Red Blood club is a Deep Ellum icon of the punk scene. Clinging to it’s roots through the yuppie-ization of the neighborhood over the years, the Red Blood Club offers a pure, hardcore punk venue for a particualrly savage group of fans.

The current owners are a group of White Court Vampires calling themselves members of House Sukh. The house is presumably of ancient Mongolian descent bred as warrior lords in the steppes. Of all the White Court Houses, this one is perhaps the most physical and vicious. Most often though they do prefer to keep their hands clean using their virtual slaves as cannon fodder. House Sukh feeds on Wrath.

The Idea – Violence fueled frenzy
The Aspect – I’m Gonna Start a Riot
The Face – Prince Sukh

I-35E Between Walnut Lane and Lombardy

Description: House Raith of the White Court maintains a strong presence in the Metroplex in one particular area. Here, unlike most areas through the Metroplex, simply driving down the highway can cause a flutter of sexual tension as enormous billboards of scantily clad women smile seductively from rooftops. Over a dozen strip clubs populate this roughly 2 mile corridor and the presence of the White Court is no mere coincidence.

Lady Arianna, the face of the White Court here runs a successful prostitution ring on the side using the conveniently placed sleazy motels along this corridor to perform business. For reasons probably quite well understood, Arianna has managed to evade detection by local law enforcement (and in fact has seduced many an officer while keeping her slate clean. She is constantly on the look out for new “talent” for her club, Club Budoir and her other endeavors. She is ferociously protective of her territory and property (read: employees).

The Idea – Sex fueled corridor on a lay (errr “ley”) line
The Aspect – Temptation is the Root of All
The Face – Lady Arianna

Botanical Gardens

Description: While history records the gardens were established by mortals, closer investigation – usually of a supernatural kind – bears that this is not at all the case. The Gardens were created by a powerful Sidhe Lord as almost a Mortal World equivalent of a Demense. Here the boundaries between his own speial place in the Nevernever and the mortal world are incredibly weak. Those with magical affinity often can sense this immediately in the fragrant perpetually tropical air. In some cases, fey from the Nevernever have crossed over here or us eit as a convenient gate way so always be wary lest you fall into a bargain with one of the passerbys.

The Sidhe noble Dian Cecht inhabits this paradise. A wonderful man and a healer of legendary skill who was best known for his slightly non-healerly act of decapitating his brother who showed even more promise in Biomancy than he. Rumor has it, Dian Cecht grows the many herbs which grew over his brothers grave here in the Gardens. Not all are useful for healing.

Dian Cecht is said to be neutral and unaligned to either Court though both would be most happy to secure his membership.

The Idea – Mother nature being…mothered, and grown, and cultivated, and mutated and….
The Aspect – It’s Alive!
The Face – Sidhe Lord Dian Cecht

South Dallas / Fair Park

Description: Not far from the concrete pathways and interchanges that reach out from Dallas proper to all corners of the country rests the hedquarters for La Familia Sangre; blood family. The group is a drug enterprise that has crossed between the supernatural and the mortal world in a cooperative alliance. If any one threat is said to be the most heinous in the Dallas area, this would be it. Fanatical, holy rolling drug dealers in support of (partnering?) with a clan of extremely vicious Red Court vampires. Trade is in drugs and souls. The dealers supply the drugs, create the “herd”, move choice specimens on to the vampire’s own narcotics and the vampires cull them in a vicious routine. Both groups are brutal, vicious and extremely territorial.

The Idea – Crossroads of Illicit Drugs and Blood
The Aspect – You Don’t Belong Here
The Face – Enrique Jesus Martinez



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The Aspect
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