Summer Crossroads - DFW Metaplex

Jaguar, Well Done

Jag attack

Session Two

Marion stepped out of the American Airlines center into a brisk October evening. The Circus was in town and no matter the location – downtown Dallas or eastern Europe, these were always her kind of people. A gypsy with a checkered past, Marion was always on the look-out for fellow wandering souls. She’d share stories from the road, swap tidbits of information and keep a sharp eye out for anyone with Talent.

Marion enjoyed helping these lost souls, especially those with the arcane gifts. Teaching what she knew of the Art was something of a hobby of hers. Nothing formal – mostly tidbits cobbled together from her own life on the road, but she found many of the talents she ran into knew very little about what they were actually capable of doing.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sharp crack of gunfire out in the street. Rushing to the edge of the courtyard, Marion set eyes on a scene which could have played out in one of the three rings she had just left behind. Mid street stood a massive bear (Bastion) swiping furiously at a pair of jaguars that danced nimbly around his massive form.

Is that a Hummer? No...Think it's a Jag

W hotel sign m

Session One

It’s a normal evening in DFW. Downtown Dallas is nice and quiet under a clear October sky. The air is a little crisp, surprising given the oven-like heat that gripped the city for months. Last time that kind of heat happened was in the 1800’s. We won’t even go there. Suffice it to say, while the mortals were sweating it out, the Never-Never was doing the same. A bargain had been made…somewhere…and Summer grabbed a whole heap of power.

The heat is still on however in an exlcusive suite at the W Hotel. Anita sits beside a fancy oak gaming table staring at yet another solid pair. It’s good, not too good, but the river doesn’t concern her – it’s been diverted.

She’d give Lucian a nice big smile if she could. She doesn’t want to tip off the mark, but the way he’s eyeing Darryl Morrison he may not even notice. Lucian’s working out quite nicely. She never even saw the cards switch hands and isn’t quite sure how he’d pulled it off. Her dad would call it parlor tricks, but if it gets her money, it gets her money. Darryl Morrison on the other hand. Well. She’ll just have to see. He’s got his uses but damn if he isn’t a creepy son of a bitch.

There’s a knock at the door. Anita knows she’s got Bastion at the door. She hears bits and pieces of conversation at the door. Bastion’s deep growling voice asking “Doctor who?” She apprehensively listens for the sound of breaking bones and is relieved when he comes back into the room.


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