Giant Pearl, Half of the "Tide Jewels"


None Discovered yet.


One of a pair of jewels mentioned in the Kojiki古事記 “Record of Ancient Matters” as the Legend of the Lost Fishook

fisherman Hoderi 火照の命 and hunter Hoori 火遠理命, two brothers who argued over replacing a lost fishhook. Hoori went searching to the bottom of the sea, where he met and married Toyotama-hime 豊玉姫, the daughter of the dragon Sea God. After living three years in the undersea Ryūgū-jō 竜宮城 “dragon palace castle”, Ryūjin presented Hoori with his brother’s fishhook and the tide jewels, and arranged for him to take his sea-dragon bride back to land.

Kanju (干珠) translates as “Jewel of the Ebbing Tide” and is speculated to have to power to decrease water flow in an area. It seems to have some connection to the statue of Kyo-Hime, located in the basement of the Crow Center…


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