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Why You Can't Trust Contractors

Session 12

Male construction worker
by Simon Harverd

So I get dragged back in to helping this group of misfits. Considering my current circumstances, not like much else to do. Supposedly trying to stop some magical cataclysm so off we go to the Tramell Crowe collection to find some oriental statue. Thankfully, there is a Starbucks on the corner to redeem the day. After some debate, in we go to find this statue and save the day, hooray, would have been OK if I could have finished my mocha soy latte.

With some dumb luck, the guy wearing the trench coat is able to get the lock open so we can all go down to the basement. After some aimless wandering, we find George at his desk. After more time waste on our part, he leaves and we search the office. With no distractions, I took charge of the situation and hacked into George’s computer. Making quick work of his password, I let everyone else know their statue is now upstairs somewhere.

When George returns, sword guy knocks him down. The utility trench coat guy pulls out some duct tape and George is quieted. With his badge in hand, Anita changes appearance and we head out. Of course we change direction and go back downstairs after a few minutes of debate. (And people wonder why I prefer plants.)

Up the freight elevator we go. We step out with a Jackie Chan look alike to confront some the toughest construction workers I have ever seen. We follow invisibly as Jackie argues his way around the floor until we see a group drilling a hole in the ceiling. Taking that as a cue, we head back down the elevator to use the stairs and exploring the floor being worked on.

So on the stairs we find a couple more “construction workers”, blocking our way. With great stealth, we unsuccessfully pass. Again, thanks to my quick action, one of them is stunned before he can fire a shot. My companions, not reacting as quickly, don’t stop the other from shooting though.

I should pause and at least acknowledge ginsu guy as having had some use.

Quickly quieting the second worker, they are soon duct taped and being used as a door stop. I let the others take the lead now. Further fumbling and splitting up of the group leads Ginsu guy and Trenchcoat dude up the stairs to deal with more of the gun toting athletic workers and the young go godder with the lost look was torn on which way to go, Anita and I head a different way. With all the gunfire and sword play, nothing better to do.

Getting close to the elevator, a great cold permeates the space. #*&@, a winter creature is just what I need in my life right now. I’m sure my patron is laughing his arse off right now! While Anita heads back to the stairs, I slow the ice fiend down with a quick shot from my new friend, the 38 special, that gets by her defense.

Heading up stairs between the bodies of eviscerated and dismembered construction workers (did I say there is a reason I prefer plants?), the whole group arrives in time to see Ginsu Guy go all superman and leap after an ogre making off with a huge statue, presumably the object of all this chaos. They land about 80 yards away on the roof of a building next door. Trenchcoat dude takes a shot at the Ogre with a rifle that he pulls from his coat of many things (pretty cool actually).

We see Ginsu Guy try to stop the Ogre from continuing only to be knocked away the same way the Dionaea muscipula (venus fly trap for common speakers) deals with an insect. As the Ogre takes another leap away with the statue, the rest of us make a dash for the now warmed elevator with the hopes of getting across the way to try and help. What we find is the broken, unconscious form of Ginsu Guy who apparently tried for Spiderman this time and failed most painfully.

So now we are down our Ginsu Guy while this statue of unimaginable power that could destroy the world has disappeared into Deep Ellum and beyond. Pretty much fits with the way the last few months have gone so I give one big “Meh”. Maybe I can still get to Starbucks and enjoy it this time.


Sweet – I like Ginsu Guy for Kakuji, seems to fit. Quisinart works too… Riding from rooftop to rooftop hanging from my sword plunged into the back of a demon just seemed right at the moment, heh.

Why You Can't Trust Contractors

Glad you liked it! Considering Simon’s perspective and current attitude issues, seemed a good call. I agree options were very limited. Just one legendary feat to many for one chase!

Why You Can't Trust Contractors

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