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Campaign Recap as of 1-7-2012

Way late posting this but I am bringing it as a handout for the game! Bryan (Mustang) has provided us with a recap that has an interesting perspective….

Somewhere in a dark room, 2 chairs sit at a table, lit by a warm fireplace. Light glimmers off of a bottle of liquor where fingers have marred the dust. A pair of crystal glasses break the light into shattered pieces of a fallen rainbow, cascading against a nearby wall. A breeze dances across the room, gently carrying a hint of aged wood.

Two people step out of the darkness, from opposite sides of the light, and after a wary evaluation, they sit down and smile at each other. Although the room stays extremely dark, neither seem to have any trouble seeing to reach for the glasses, fill them, and raise them toward each other silently. Only after the first taste, do they start to talk in low tones.

“How’s your project going?” says one, in a female voice with a middle eastern accent. As she shifts her legs, her cloak falls away from a sword hanging on her side.

“Extremly poorly, and yet very well.” answers the other person. The clearly American voice sounds younger, and almost respectful. “A lot has happened, none of it quiet, but there’s some potential. I’ve found some people from most of the factions. Wizards, Fae, Weres, and Mortals. No Vampires yet, but they can be even more unpredictable anyway. We’re all working together, at first to gather resources, but now beginning to do better work. I’m not sure that all of them will make the cut, but only time will tell.”

“And they don’t suspect you?” says the female.

“Not a bit, and so far I haven’t even had to lie or deceive them.”

“Continue, then, and start at the beginning.”

“We all came together through a variety of channels, centered around some ridiculous poker game. The group has skill at fleecing finances, though, that may be useful later. Everyone has a role to play. We may need a new location, though the person who compromised the scene is dead.”

“Dead?” came a concerned voice.

“Werejaguar. Actually, some summoned gooey approximation of a fanatical pre-spanish Mayan werejaguar.”

Briefly phased, the female indicated to the other to explain.

“Some professor came knocking on the door, looking for another professor who was with the group. The 2nd professor asked for help checking it out, and eventually a common direction formed. By the time they got down to the parking garage, the first professor had already been gutted. A skulking figure was spotted, a couple people went closer to check out where they headed. A Humvee full of people was the destination, and that’s when things went a bit crazy. Lights from one person lit up another person, while another person started shooting. The vehicle went toward the visible person, and a full blown ruckus broke out. By the end there were bullets, magic from probably all elements, a bear, and a team of jaguars. One jaguar was captured by the team, a wizard was heavily wounded, but nobody was apprehended by local law enforcement. There was a whole lot of noise raised, though.”

“Did they learn a lesson from that yet?” she asked.

“Not yet, but it’s beginning to sink in. After some unproductive interrogation, they let the jaguar go so they could track it. The next day, they tried some investigation about the original professor. It all seems to tie to an ancient dagger unearthed recently. A couple professor’s offices were searched, but there was an interruption by more summoned critters. Ugly, light bending, toothy ones.”

“Them? Even more odd. I assume iron was used?”

“Eventually, but only after a ring of fire visible from space, an exploding car, and a zombie squirrel were tried. The group left the impending sirens, and continued their investigation.”

“More wanton destruction. Are you sure about them?”

“No, not completely. They’re the best choice so far, though. After that, magical investigation pointed north and led to a cement plant. Investigation there found more of the pseudo werejaguars, and an office used for some manner of dark sacrifice. Before further details could be learned, the group tried to do something a bit more subtle, but it didn’t work. They called the police.”

“The mortal police? Was it a bloodbath?”. The female’s voice was slowly increasing in volume and pitch with each surprise.

“No, fortunately, although the group was prepared to try to prevent one. The jaguars heard the sirens and burned everything in time and snuck off into the woods.”

“Inconvenient, but probably best.”

“The group split up dangerously, but did find a lone jaguar. After a scuffle, they subdued it and got some more information before putting up a circle around it and popping the connection. They finally started to connect the dots with the new information, and are regrouping. The next step is to check out an architect’s office at a stadium near the ley line split. The stadium might be being used for some dark ritual, and the architect is in on it, but either as a victim or a instigator or both isn’t clear yet.”

“And that’s where things stand right now? I shouldn’t keep you much longer, then.”

“Okay. How’s your work going?”

“Slow and painful. Our foes outnumber us greatly, but we will win. Besides, there is a benefit to fighting such a long lived opponent.”

“Oh, what is that?”

“The spoils are often very, very tasty.” For the first time, a true smile graces the woman’s face and firelight glints off of her eye.

“I’ll drink to that.”

Both figures drain their glasses. They get up and embrace each other in the darkness in a fierce hug before she sadly speaks again. “I still can’t do much to help you. Our resources are spread too thin, and too few know about your efforts.”

“That’s ok. Rewards may come later, but what needs to be done is now. In the meantime, it’s best for the team to be on their own. They’ll learn best that way. I’ll keep you informed, and before long, who knows, you may need our help.”

With that, both figures turn and go back into the darkness on opposite sides of the fire.

Several hours later, the fire dies down alone, the shards of broken color vanishing without ever revealing their pattern or purpose.



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