Summer Crossroads - DFW Metaplex

Blessed Bullets

We need bigger guns!

Having the choice between babysitting a half vamp or follow the rest of the gang to some sort of meeting to find out more about what’s been going down, i decided to take my chances with the meeting. Of course i didnt factor in the mighty guardian Po and his desk.

The place seemed relatively normal from the outside, but i guess being who we are we got to use the VIP entrance, through the never with a pixie guardian named Po. I’m not sure what simon or mustang said to him, but he steamed. He was also rather insistant that i leave my stuff behind with him for safe keeping or promise not to use them, neither of which is an option. Using a classic from the grifter playbook, i managed to get past him with all my toys intact.

The holy man had few answers and little to add to our current situation, though he did promise that his men would back off and leave us to our business. With a tentative new alliance, i set up a tracking spell to find our bait a.k.a “Manny”. After a side trip for caffiene and a slow walk under the cover of glamour and veils, we reached the alley behind the the former dry cleaner. Having eyes all over and a heavy at the back door, we found a little out of the way spot to cross into the never to continue our search.

Making our way through Body Bag Hill, we there was little resistance at first. then we heard them. All around us in the unpenetrable darkness, we were surrounded by the walking corpses. As they were still unaware of our presence, we continued on a little more cautiosly.
It all went smooth till we came to the door. Solid, oak number with a stone vampire head, right across the middle of the path.

Stymied and untrusting, none of us tried the handle. The vile looking stone head above the door seemed a little out of place too. Simon tried to mojo the door into something a little more managable, but nstead of ivy vines, it became some twisted never never version of nightshade, all sickly and poisinous with wicked barbed thorns. Which we would have been ok, had that not also triggered the gargoyle alarm system, announcing our presence and location to all those dessicated corpse we so carefully avoided on the way in.

In a blizzard of teeth and claws, Tyler managed to saw partially through the vines blocking our way. Mustang threw up a quick forcefield to guard our egress while i took care of the rest. Once we managed to cross the threshold, simon grew a new door, sealing us solidly back in the world once more.

After the trek through “The Walking Dead”, none of us expected to find ourselves in some stately old manor. Suprisingly unguarded, we began our search for Manny once more unimpeded.
We located a door under the stairs and began our subteranean descent. Tossing a flashbang, mustang charged down the stairs followed by Tyler, ready for war. What they weren’t quite ready for though, was the red court hiding in the shadows. Sweeping Tyler into an embrace, it quickly dashed to the far side of the room.

Foresight, saw us all armed with blessed bullets and supersoakers filled with holy water, which we began to unleash on the vampire as it snacked on our fallen ally. Since we were in a house this time, i couldn’t unleash the fires of retribution, but i did manage to pull a few new tricks. Using the risidual water soaking tylers clothes, i created a mist, followed by a holy water hammer to the face. Simon spiked it from behind with the floor boards, while everyone else kept shooting. Despite our best efforts, it was still determined to feed.

As Simon’s gun barked at the fiend, Mustang spirited the now unconcious Tyler away. Mr. Vampire tried reclaiming his meal, but got a mouth full of wood for his efforts, thanks to Anita’s glamour. With half it’s head now missing and burns all over, Simon delivered the final blow.

After the fight, mustang tended to Tyler’s wounds. Anita and Simon took care of our Manny business. I began to case the rest of the house. Next time, we should bring bigger guns.



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