Summer Crossroads - DFW Metaplex

2 Days in the valley

without a map, every road looks promising

After claiming the vampires head and sorting out manny, it was time to move on.

Since the master of the house was no longer in need of his ride, we commandered his ride and made our escape, before someone decided to check in on him.

The drive was rather pleasent, give we had no clue where we were going. At this point we still had no clue where we were at, the scenery was what one would expect from a sparsley populated, arid desert. That is, except for the crucified corpses masquerading as cacti.

Sicne our resident Mr. Good Guy had to to check them out we stopped to give them last rights and search for clues to our current whereabouts. One of the Three (dead) Amigos had a Policia Federal badge, at least we finally knew where we were.

We apparently attracted someone’s attention as an ATV was heard driving up. Doing our best “you can’t see me” impression, with some assitance from Anita, we set up an ambush. I finally got the chance to see the latest addition to our motley crew in action. Make sprang upon him with a quickness i couldn’t follow. Pulling some sort of “Jedi Mind Trick”, mike got him to give us his gun and go about his business. Our car running low on gas, we drove towards the only lights we saw. Figuring the town was owned by the rec court, Mike swaggered into the gas station as Erik Estrada to prepay for fuel. Unbeknowest to the group, a gagn of vampire hunters had moved to wreck shop. They closed in on our little group as we tried to fuel up. Some words were exchanged, some magic and bullets as well. In hindsight, we might have approached the situation more diplomatically, but since were were in unfamiliar environs, anything that moved was a potential threat. We managed a clean get away and gave our persuers a slip, but apparenlty a lucky shot managed to wing our gas tank. We were running on fumes when we made it back to town surreptitiously. Busy hotwiring our next ride, i was powerless to do anything as our persuers came back to town. Not that we had to do anything, as they were yet unaware of our presence.

That is untill they started beating on an innocent bystander, and Mustang had to get involved.

A wave of my hand and the lackies were as good as dealt with, but their ring leader was something else entirely. Something with a capital “S”. He brushed our attack aside as if we gnats, while i frantically attempted to get our next borrowed vehicle started. After another brief skirmish, and with a little help from a map “Mr. Estrada” snagged, we managed to get finally locate a boarder crossing. I went across first, as i was the only one with the means to do so. Everyone else followed under a cloak of invisiblity. All was smooth sailing till some overzealous drug dog caught wiff of our resiident vampire. A little bit of juking and jiving, mike gave them the slip and we finally started on our long road home from Nuevo Laredo.



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